Bookmarks Toolbar

For general information about Explorer++’s toolbars, ie. moving, resizing, customizing, etc., see the toolbars Overview.

The Bookmarks toolbar displays bookmarks contained within the Bookmarks Toolbar folder.

Opening a bookmark

Clicking a bookmark will navigate the current tab to the location of that bookmark, while clicking a bookmark folder will show the items it contains in a dropdown menu.

Middle-clicking a bookmark will open it in a new tab, while middle-clicking a bookmark folder will open the items it contains in new tabs.

When clicking or middle-clicking an item, the Ctrl and Shift keys can be used to control whether the item is opened in a new background or foreground tab.

Context Menu

Right-clicking on an item in the Bookmarks toolbar will show a context menu for that item.

Drag and drop

It’s possible to add bookmarks by dropping a file or folder on the bookmarks toolbar. Additionally, bookmarks can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them into new positions.