Bookmarks Toolbar

For general information about Explorer++’s toolbars, ie. moving, resizing, customizing, etc., see the toolbars Overview.


The Bookmarks toolbar displays bookmarks (previously created) which have been optionally designated to show on the toolbar by checking the Show on Bookmarks Toolbar box. Clicking on the button for a bookmark opens that bookmark (ie. location) in the current tab. Hovering over a bookmark button displays the name and location of that bookmark as a tooltip.

Bookmark folders may also be shown on the Bookmarks toolbar; clicking on the button for a folder opens that folder’s bookmarks in a menu.

Context Menu (button)

Each button on the Bookmarks toolbar presents the following context (ie. right-click) menu:


New Bookmark…

This function is similar to the Bookmark This Tab… item on the Bookmarks menu, but does not operate on the current tab’s location. Therefore, the dialog opens with

  • no bookmark name - the user must supply this, and
  • no location - the location may be entered manually (if known) or copied/pasted from somewhere else (perhaps from the Address Bar on another tab). Any bookmark created with no location will open in the default new tab folder.


Bookmarks created by this routine do not show on the Bookmarks menu until Explorer++ is re-started.


Using the middle-mouse button on a bookmark shown on the Bookmarks toolbar opens that bookmark in a new tab.