Alt + Enter


This function opens the Windows property sheets for the file or group of selected files. Property sheets may vary, depending on your configuration, and whether additional utilities are installed, but in general should show information such as:

  • Type of file: as recognized by Windows, eg. Text document (.txt), PNG image (.png), etc.

  • Opens with: an application associated with the file, if any

  • Location: folder containing the file

  • Size: and Size on disk: actual file size (of contents, if folder is selected) and disk space used

  • Contains: number of files and folders contained in a folder (if a single folder is selected only)

  • File attributes currently applied

  • Security settings and permissions (NTFS only - may not be shown, depending on system settings)

  • File Summary: comments, if any assigned to the file by the user or an application (NTFS only)

  • Customize: allows you to change certain properties (eg. image, icon) of a folder or group of folders

Utilities such as Hashtab (which displays hashes for the file, such as CRC32 and MD5) may introduce additional property sheets.

If multiple files are selected, many of the same properties are shown, including Size: and Size on disk:, which now refer to the collective size of all the files selected.

The Properties function is also available as part of the context (ie. right-click) menu in the folder or files panes.


The Properties dialog can also be activated by Alt+doubleclick while hovering over a file or folder.