Wildcard Select…

Ctrl + Shift + S


This menu item allows the user to select files in the files pane (ie. current folder) using a wildcard pattern. A dialog is opened which allows the user to enter a new wildcard pattern, or use the drop-down button and choose a previously used pattern. Clicking OK selects files and folders based on that pattern. Repeated use of Wildcard Select… is cumulative; additional files may be selected, adding to the current selection.

Unlike Select All Of Same Type, the selection process is based on file name and extension.

About wildcard patterns

A wildcard pattern is a file specification which contains symbols representing unknown characters, as well as ordinary alphanumeric characters.

The two wildcards available here are:

  • * (asterisk)

    This character substitutes for zero or more characters. Some examples are:

    *file.txt matches “somefile.txt”, “my_file.txt”, but not “my_files.txt” (intervening “s” prevents match).

    btn*.* matches “btn_23.png”, “btnumbers.txt” and “btn-img.jpg”, but not “mybtn.jpg” (leading “my” prevents match) or “btn12” (“.” specified must exist)

  • ? (question mark)

    This character substitutes for any single character, which must exist. Some examples are:

    final?.doc matches “final1.doc”, but not “final_chapter.doc” (? matches only 1 character, “_chapter” is not 1 character)

    file.tx? matches “file.txt”, but not “file.tx” (last wildcard character must exist)