Copy Folder Path

Ctrl + Shift + P

This function places the full (ie. fully qualified) path to the current folder - whose contents are shown in the files pane - on the clipboard, for pasting into another application. This may be useful for pasting into text or word processing documents. This is equivalent to

  • selecting the path shown in the address bar, then

  • copying that to the clipboard, using the context menu, or Ctrl+C.

The folder path is copied to the clipboard as Unicode text (ie. plain text) - the clipboard contents cannot be used to paste the actual folder or its contents. Because this is a Unicode copy, foreign characters, such as the Beta in the example, are represented correctly. If Asian characters are included, your Windows system must have support installed for “East Asian Languages” (Control Panel/Regional and Language Options). In order to save true Unicode information, pasting must be done into a text editor which is Unicode compatible, like Windows Notepad.


H:\Projects\Explorer++\html\mnu_file\New ß Folder


Using this function on a virtual folder (eg. My Computer, not really a true directory) copies the path as a special registry path or GUID (globally unique identifier) - not the path as shown in the Address Bar.