New Tab

Ctrl + T

This function creates a new tab in the files pane. The tab is always created:

  • as the last tab (far right) - default, or

  • next to (right of) the current tab

depending on the setting in Options.. (Tabs). The contents default to the current setting for same - see Default new tab folder option. The new tab automatically receives the focus (ie. becomes the active tab).


This function - opening a new tab - is also available by:

  • using the middle mouse button while hovering over

  • selecting New Tab (default contents) or Duplicate Tab (focus not transferred to new tab) from the tab’s context (ie. right-click) menu

  • selecting Open in New Tab from a folder’s context (ie. right-click) menu in the files pane, or from a button’s context menu on the Bookmarks toolbar

  • pressing Ctrl+Enter while a folder in the files pane is selected

  • using Ctrl+doubleclick while hovering over a folder in the files pane

  • double-clicking empty space in Tab bar (default contents)

  • clicking the Create a new tab button (if visible) on the Main toolbar

  • selecting New Tab from a Windows 7 jump list (available as a context, ie. right click) menu from the Task Bar

The above methods, unless stated otherwise, open the tab with the contents of the folder used, not the default contents or Default new tab folder (see above).

Windows 7 Jump List