Copy Column Text

The files pane displays file and folder information in columns, such as:


The Copy Column Text function copies to the clipboard (as plain, Unicode text)

  • column headings and

  • the text shown in each column, whether visible or not

for files that are currently selected. Copied text may be pasted into another application, such as a word processor or text editor, using Paste (Ctrl+V) from within that application. Text columns are delimited by tab characters (09h), but columns may not line up in your word processor or text editor, depending on the length of text in each column.


In the image above, using this function copies the following text to the clipboard:

Name Type Size Date Modified
about.png PNG Image 14.8 KB 8/4/2010, 9:44:56 PM
about-sample.gif GIF Image 247 bytes 8/6/2010, 10:31:02 AM